An intelligent vacuum table for metal and plastics machining.
Increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing time.


VacuuMate is a new type of vacuum table that automatically adapts to the part geometry, so vacuum is only present where relevant.

This means that you can always clamp parts in just a few seconds, without considering the specifics of the part and machining.

The associated topsheets makes through-hole machining easy, so you avoid multiple setups and manual finish.

VacuuMate is designed for professional machining, with maximum clamping force and stability.


VacumMate consists of hundreds of Vaerks' patent-pending micro-valves, which automatically closes of when any air currents are present.

Individually controlled vacuum channels ensures a high clamping force regardless of the part geometry, and the automatic regulation means that you will save time on setups and avoid errors.


Vaerks' topsheets provides the option to do through-hole machining without damaging the vacuum table. This means fewer setups and less manual finish work.

Independance on geometry also means that the device has a lot more applications than traditional vacuum tables. I.E. tabs can be used to machine many many small units in one go.


Because VacuuMate always ensures 100% sealing, there's no need for large costly vacuum pumps.
VacuuMate ControlBox generates vacuum fra compressed air, and is easily mounted in the machining center.

Multiple mounting options makes it easy find a solution that fits your existing equipment. Choose ViceMount for  mounting in a vice, or ClampMount for T-slot clamping.


Multiple VacuuMate tables can be coupled together to make any shape that you require and to allow sideways machining of large parts.

The integrated sidestops makes it easy to correctly position your parts at a fixed zero point.

VacuuMate  doesn't require any maintenance, and the plane surface makes it easy to clean for chips and dirt. 

 Control Box

kr.  4.000

250mm x 300mm

kr.  12.000

Vice Mount

kr.  1.500