SimpleMill makes professional
machining available for everyone.


Plug&Play Machining

Vaerks' vision is to make professional CNC machining far more accessible, so more can benefit from its potential. 

That's why we're developing SimpleMill, a complete Plug&Play system for machining, including both milling machine, clamping equipment, cutting tools and advanced software that simplifies and automates the work.

By digitizing all knowledge about the system, Vaerks can translate your 3D models into machining code, so all you have to do is follow the instructions provided on the mahcine.

Research & Development

Do you want to speed up your R&D projects?

Flexible Manufacturing

Is rapid manufacturing and adaptability something you focus on?

Local Manufacturing

Tired of waiting for your external partners?

Science & Education

A solution that doesn't require education or experience to operate.

SimpleMill - From Idea to Product in 1 hour


With SimpleMill anyone can you from idea to physical product in just a  few hours.

You are no longer dependent on external partners, and can save time by not having to do technical drawings, finding suplliers, waiting for shipments, and all the other challenges that aries when ideas and knowledge have to be passed on to others.

SimpleMill - No experienced required


Vaerks Cloud CAM automatically translates your 3D models in machining strategies, toolpaths and machine code, so you don't need to have experience or spend time on it. 

After this, just follow the visual instructions on the machine. The setup will be scanned and validated for errors, so you're always ensured a successfull production.

SimpleMill - Professionel quality machining


Vaerks' equipment is tested in real production, and is used by ourselves on daily basis. We only sell products and materials that we can guarentee will work.

Through collection of manufacturing data we are able to optimize machining data and parameters, so you always achieve the highest possible quality.

SimpleMill - Vaerks supplies anything you need: Machines, tools, materials, equipment and software.


Vaerks supplies everything, so you don't have to spend time on sourcing. We provide materials, tools and equipment. And because we utilize the same materials and components ourselves, you're can be sure of the quality, and we can guide you on how best to use the equipment.

What You Get

SimpleMill Includes a high-speed CNC machining center optimized for aluminium and plastics machining.


Kernen i SimpleMill er Vaerks' CNC-bearbejdningscenter. En high-speed fræser inklusiv både mist og flood kølesystem, trådløst probeudstyr, værktøjsveksler, spånhåndtering og et moderne interface der visualiserer opspænding og betjening i 3D.

SimpleMill Includes 500 hand-picked quality machining tools and a toolchanger to hold them all.


SimpleMill leveres med et komplet sortiment af 500 skærende værktøjer, der passer til næsten alle opgaver, og en værktøjsveksler der matcher, så du slipper for manuelt at montere værktøj mellem produktioner.

SimpleMill Includes VacuuMate and other original clamping equipment for quick and easy setup.


SimpleMill indeholder både skruestikke og Vaerks' eget Vacuumate system til hurtig opspænding via vakkuum. Alt udstyr monteres via quick-change system så der hurtigt kan omstilles mellem produktioner.

SimpleMill Includes pre-cut materials, ready to be machined.


Vaerks leverer Aluminium og POM i høj kvalitet, udskåret i håndterbare størrelser, så du ikke selv skal bruge tid eller have udstyret til dette.

SimpleMill Includes Online Automatic CAM programming, so you can start machining in minutes.


Fordi vi kender alt til SimpleMill systemet, har vi formået at automatisere CAM processen, så du ikke skal være ekspert i at omdanne designs til bearbejdningsstrategier er og værktøjsbaner, og i stedet kan komme hurtigt videre.

SimpleMill Includes online dashboard for overview of your projects, machines, tools and materials


Et online overblik gør det nemt og hurtigt at holde styr på projekter, maskiner, værktøjer og materialer.